Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cards I made

 This was at a lazer tag birthday party it was my sons birthday Jeremy the one in the blue but since Vance his best friend is moving to Florida we combined both birthdays they had a great time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wow! I'm trying to pull myself together.. Last Friday I flew out to Orlando FL after receiving a call from my Mom telling me that my Dad wasn't doing too good.  You see my Dad had smoked for 14-17 yrs straight and now had hardly any lung capacity left and he had cancer in his bowels. plus he had COPD and had emphysema,   I got their Friday afternoon and my heart ached so bad to see him this way.  because we had went out in early June to see him and celebrate my sons birthday and he wasn't doing too good but he was up laughing and joking with the boys and now he was laying in the room at my Moms house in a hospital bed and couldn't even talk he would just hold my hand and give facial times.  I love my Daddy so much and seeing him like this was really hard.  but he was all excited when all of us kids were together me, my sister and my brother..he would give small smiles and raise his eyebrows. I let him hear the boys on the phone and he perked up and smiled but didn't even have the strength to open his eyes.  by Saturday afternoon we stepped out for a bit because the nurse said he was getting too agitated  because he wanted to join in the conversations but couldn't and while we were out he held Moms hand and passed away..he was waiting to go when he was just with Mom.  I can't believe my
Daddy is gone...but so glad that I flew out and seen him one last time.
Here he is with his grandsons the beginning of June.
RIP: 1935-2011
Died July 2, 2011