Sunday, June 12, 2016

Minecraft Fun!


Bring your laptop with Minecraft 1.9.2 installed and play first-person on your computer and then you wirelessly connect to Super League’s server which puts you and everyone else in the movie theater’s gameplay up on the big screen. Parents and siblings can attend for free to watch and cheer their gamer on.

Your gamers will play, collaborate and socialize on teams with 4-7 members their own age as they build, battle and use their creativity and imagination.  Super League even provides all the tech help and support making this a great family-friendly event.


It’s all about teamwork and collaboration. Each player gets a free gaming t-shirt encouraging team building and camaraderie. There’s even an opportunity for the winning team to evenly split a college scholarship.

How our Minecraft experience go?

My son (blue shirt) with his good friend - Team DinoSquad!

Our Super League Gaming Minecraft experience took place over four weeks - one hour on Saturday mornings for a total of 4 hours gaming.

We got their really early and picked out our team shirts and the boys received their official Minecraft gaming badges. In spite of a few technical issues with my son's laptop, they had a good time at Minecraft week #1. The second week was a whole lot better!  With the laptop issues resolved, our team of two had a great time and came in 2nd against a team with eight players!  Here are a few of the shots I took.

Now it's the third week and the boys are so excited and ready to play.  So we get there and we are automatically ushered into the theater and the boys get set up.  Everyone has brought their chargers and is pumped up for today's competition.  

It is now the last day!   

The boys loved their Minecraft experience!  Here they are at their victory dinner!  They came in second place  from about 7 groups!

Overall, a highly recommended experience for your Minecraft gamers!

A big personal Thank You to and Super League Gaming for the opportunity to play and review this awesome experience!

All opinions are 100% my own.