Friday, May 31, 2013

Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips Review

As a member of the Puex Insiders, I got a chance to review these Ant Bait Strips..and I have to say that I love them.  Everyone has little pests in their house especially if you have kids..there will be pop-tart crumbs, potato chips, pieces of cheese all over the floor..well, you know what I mean-and with all the food dropping come some unwanted visitors.  I'm not a bug fan at all so I was super excited to be able to review these strips.

I remember when we had this ant problem - they were tiny little ants but they drove me absolutely crazy because they were everywhere. We also had big huge ants called carpenter ants so I called a local pest control company and they came in with this god awful sticky gel like stuff and put it in all the cracks ... the stuff was ugly and noticeable and just wasn't too long after that I decided not to use them anymore..I sure wished I would of known about these awesome Ant killing Bait Traps - would of saved me a lot of money.

These strips are just so easy to use you just break them apart and remove the protective film on the bottom and to activate these tiny strips you peel off the protective film that is covered on top.  And you just place them any where you are having trouble - no fuss no mess. They are tiny and can be discreetly hidden.  I will be using these all summer as I have already began to see some unwanted guests in my house - no, not my inlaws lol.

I have received this product for free because I'm a member of the Purex Insiders but also for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Dial Body Hair Wash Review and (Giveaway)

I'm a Purex Insider and I want to Thank Purex for the opportunity to review this product for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

When I had a chance to review this product I was excited because it was a body wash and a hair wash, which is really great so you don't have to keep switching bottles.  It's all in one bottle! I love the sleek design of the bottle as well as it was nice and easy to grip but the smell of watermelon was really great as my 9 yr old loves the smell of Watermelon - not too crazy on the taste of it but loves the smell.  He has to check out everything before he even tries it and I have to say that he loved the new Dial body and Hair wash!

We got to review the Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash 6+ and was very pleased with the results.
Dial offers mild cleansing without drying out your child's delicate skin.

Watery Melon and Berry, Cool variants contain bright, vibrant colors and fun scents that take bath time to a whole new level of fun!

If you want to learn more about this product
Or check out their facebook page...

Dial sent me three coupons to give away to 3 different Mintas Creations readers!

Here is my little man giving Dial thumbs up..He says it's a keeper!

  • Tear Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No artificial dyes or added parabens
  • ph balanced
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sante Fe Dish Collection Review

I was so excited when I was offered the opportunity to review this beautiful Sante Fe Dish Collection.  This set is bright and colorful and provides a festive setting for all of your favorite dishes .  The quality is excellent - we have used them for a week now and I am very impressed by the durability and feel of this set.  This collection makes your family dinner favorites fun and festive!

This dish collection is stoneware and microwavable. They are dishwasher safe as well. The bowls are big and deep enough for a nice size bowl of chili or mac n cheese or they can even be used for your favorite breakfast cereal.

I was so excited to try these out because my old dinner set is mismatched, chipped and just plain old. I absolutely love the feel and the look and in my opinion I just think that they are beautiful!

This beautiful set comes with 16 pieces

  • 4 101/4" Dinner plates
  • 4 71/4" Salad/ Desert plates
  • 4- 20oz Bowls
  • 4-20oz Cups

My mismatched set - ugh!

Here are the old ones are close up - double ugh!

The new beautiful Sante Fe Dishware collection!

The new set carefully stowed away in the cabinet.

We had hamburgers that evening to celebrate our new dishes.

Here is my oldest showing off the new dishes

We are extremely happy with the quality and color of the new set!

If you would like to check out this beautiful Southwestern collection click here

Disclaimer: I received the Sante Fe Dish Collection from Brylane Homes in exchange for an honest review.  

Ms Gooley, my science teacher

I'm nominating my son's science teacher, Ms Gooley, because she has really made an impact on his interest in science.  She does fun experiments with the kids and she is loved very much.  She is also very kind, patient and understanding when they need more help with their experiments.

According to my 9-year old:
My science teacher, Ms Tracey Gooley, at Dater Montessori in Cincinnati, Ohio is awesome! She really makes learning science a lot of fun.  She is always kind and helpful. One of my favorite experiments was one where we made different concentrations of solutions. Our mission was to make (and drink) different concentrations of lemonade. We also got to do a temperature experiment where we took temperatures around the school. I took the temperature inside the scare crow. Then we had to chart and explain the results.

Ms. Gooley is my favorite science teacher and I hope she wins the Ward's Science Gift Card so she has some cool stuff for the 4th graders next year.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash Detergent Review and (Giveaway)

(Disclosure) Purex sent me a free bottle in an exchange for an honest review, All opinions are 100% my own!

As a Purex Insider, I love trying to find the right detergents for my family. When I was offered a chance to review the Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash Detergent I jumped at the chance. When my detergent arrived I immediately had to try it out.  First of all I really liked that it was a biodegradable formula which promotes green cleaning practices.

First of all, I loved the smell - very tropical but not overwhelming. I felt like I was going to see a palm tree sprout up out of nowhere.  I could imagine myself swinging in a hammock with a slight breeze and palm trees all around.  It has exotic fruits like pineapple and coconut combined with distant flowers to make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation.