Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ms Gooley, my science teacher

I'm nominating my son's science teacher, Ms Gooley, because she has really made an impact on his interest in science.  She does fun experiments with the kids and she is loved very much.  She is also very kind, patient and understanding when they need more help with their experiments.

According to my 9-year old:
My science teacher, Ms Tracey Gooley, at Dater Montessori in Cincinnati, Ohio is awesome! She really makes learning science a lot of fun.  She is always kind and helpful. One of my favorite experiments was one where we made different concentrations of solutions. Our mission was to make (and drink) different concentrations of lemonade. We also got to do a temperature experiment where we took temperatures around the school. I took the temperature inside the scare crow. Then we had to chart and explain the results.

Ms. Gooley is my favorite science teacher and I hope she wins the Ward's Science Gift Card so she has some cool stuff for the 4th graders next year.


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