Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Cook'n Recipe Organizer review and giveaway (version 10)

Over the years, I've accumulated many favorite recipes and have tried various software and physical recipe management systems.  My new favorite is DVO's Cook'n 10 and I have a feeling that it will be my recipe manage of choice for years to come.

The installation of Cook'n 10 was super easy. The interface is clean and intuitive. Cook'n 10 comes with a lot of fantastic recipes and you can easily enter your own from scratch or from the Internet.

The home page provides easy access to recipes, favorites, and menus. The recipe browser is very easy to use and is organized by cookbook. The electronic cookbooks themselves are organized by chapters and you can easily drill down into recipes. The overall look of the recipes is very professional and what you would expect from a quality cookbook.

An awesome feature is the ability to "capture" your favorite internet recipes. I created a new cookbook and immediately captured several of my favorite internet recipes into the program. Now, they are safe and sound in my Cook'n application.

The Menu feature is easy to navigate and customize. I created a menu of "days of the week" and then simply dragged recipes into each weekday label to plan out the entire week. So easy!

The List feature enables you to quickly generate shopping lists. I am told that a mobile feature is in the works that will soon enable sending the list to your mobile device.

OVerall, Cook'n 10 is a full-featured, highly customizable, and user friendly recipe manager. I like the fact that it is actively developed and supported. The program will notify you of any updates and provide you with the opportunity to keep your Cook'n up to date.

If cooking is your thing and you need an easy-to-use and supported product to keep you organized, give Cook'n a try today

You can order your own special copy for  $79.95 or you can enter to win one on the Rafflecopter below.

As a bonus dvo is offering my readers a special coupon code which will give them 50% of of Cook'n
The code is mb-minta
I received a free sample from DVO of the Cook'n Recipe Organizer to review and give my honest opinion to my readers.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Become.com review

My Become.com review!

Become.com is a shopping search engine that also finds comparison deals. They even have a coupon section which I Love.

First I searched for caster dining chairs and I have to say there are some beautiful dining chairs on this site. I loved these chairs at this site called HayNeedle.

Next I searched for dining chairs with caster loved this pastel dining chair set. very pretty and elegant.

Finally I searched for a cat wall clock thought it would make a fun gift for my mom I really liked the one that looked like a fishbowl with the cat overtop of it and there was a fish in the clock too, very fun.

After researching and checking out Become.com I would definitely recommend this site, I have never shopped at Become.com

I'am being compensated to provide a weitten review of their website and and all opinions are 100% my own

RaffleCopter Launch Party Giveaway

"Welcome to the Rafflecopter launch party giveaway". I absolutely love Rafflecopter it has made my life so much easier to do giveaways!

Rafflecopter now wants to help yo celebrate this brand New Year in 2012 by giving away an iPad 2 and a Kindle Fire. Starts Jan 9th and ends in a month.

Please list in the entry who referred you? please put Mintas Creations blog.

Suggesting a Mascott Name: Everyone remembers seeing on the Rafflecopter the smiley guy the one with the hellicopter hat on well this smilely guy needs a name and the that is where you come in because Rafflecopter has decided to let you name this little guy so for an added entry give this poor little guy a name!

After this giveaway is over we will go through all the names and pick out the most creative, imaginative name in the mix and then will put it to a vote on Facebook and if you choose the name that gets pickd you'll win a Kindle Fire and be immortilized in all of Rafflecopter history!

so let's get started.
And remember to put Mintas Creations in the entry of who referred you.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kool-Aid still Rocks!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kool Aid for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kool Aid for SocialSparks All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember when I was young. I would love coming home from school and find a pitcher of Kool Aid in the refrigerator waiting for me.  Kool-Aid is one of those drinks that brings back all those nostalgic memories, like how I made my own fruity lip-gloss or how I  used kool-aid as a tye-dye for my shirts.  Now I love Kool-Aid for other reasons:  whether watching a movie or playing a game, Kool-Aid is a part of our family time - just being with the boys and picking out which flavor to make is really fun. They both love the Mystery flavor, but my youngest still loves anything blue so he will pick blueberry every time.

You can visit  on the  Kool-Aid Facebook the "Noches de PeliKoola"  tab to schedule any upcoming Sunday movie nights and downloadable movie-specific bingo cards for the entire family to play during the movie, which I think is such an awesome idea.   Don’t forget the Kool-Aid for your fun Family night! Each Bingo card features a tasty Kool-Aid recipe.

I think I want to try the pastel Angel cake. It looks really yummy.  The boys want to try the Kool Aid punch.

So tell me what are some of your favorite childhood memories involving Kool-Aid?

What are some of your favorite recipes?

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Rushing around all day

Today I thought I was going to get a lot done.  but I drop the kids off at school then I go to Walmart to check on these toys called Skylanders which are really awesome and they work with Skylanders video game you get this portal and you can switch the skylander characters as you progress in the video game but the clincher is there are 32 of these little action figures and of course it happened to be on the hot toy list of the season so now I'm rushing around and calling to find these characters. anyway, no such luck at Walmart, or Gamestop or Best buy or Target.  I mean these little buggers are sold out everywhere.  so that was my morning I did happen to snag 2 that we don't have.  "whew" I'm already tired lol.  but truth be told I love the hunt, that's why I have lot's and lot's of beanie babies which are now not worth anything lol.  kept saying when I got married that I would pass them on to my little girls but I now have two boys.  oh well they may come back into style.

How is every ones day going?  I'm going to work on my blog this weekend.  I'm still trying to decide to take the plunge and switch to wordpress on one hand blogger is just so easy to work then on the other hand I think wordpress just looks so much smoother and crisp and cleaner looking but I'm so afraid of losing my G+ followers or my networked blog, or GFC which I know that GFC is leaving in March.  I really worked hard for all my followers and now they are changing it up and adding G+ so anyone who wants to be in my circle come on over.  well all my blogger friends I have to go and get my kids from school.  please, if anyone has any advice on the blogger vs wordpress then I would love to hear your thoughts.