Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shrinky Dink Keychains for Daddy for Christmas.

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to show everyone what the boys made for their Daddy for Christmas..
I went out and bought shrinky dink pages and the ones I got was assorted and had this paper called frosted ruff and ready.. they picked out what they wanted to cut out with my cricut carts..they both picked out mini monsters

Set the blade to 6 and the pressure to max
The monster gross was cut out at 41/2" (pg 38) we just cut him out normal no layers
The monster creepy was cut out at 41/2" (pg31) we used the blackout feature on him
We colored with colored pencils on the frosted side of the paper
Punched a hole before we put them in the oven

They came out pretty cute..although we did loose an eye on gross because we didn't use a bigger hole punch and because we put it too close to his eye.  but my little guy likes it anyways.  and Daddy won't mind because all he will care about is that the boys made him a keychain...and he will Love it!

Hope you like our keychains..

If you cut them out at 41/2" this is what they look like when they shrink...

This has been a trial by error have tried markers didn't work they would bubble and still be wet and smear...

I did try some with stamps and it worked pretty good.  use the stayz on stamp works great.


Anonymous said...

Very cute... he will love them..

Thanks for comments in my blog... I get the cigar boxes from DH he his a cigar lover, but when really need few I will go to our local cigar shops, they sell them for few dollars.. I will always get them free, they are DH friends..

I sell them for $10 or less, depend on how much I work on it..


Sharon said...

These are really cute! Your sons did a wonderful job!! :)

Norma said...

Great idea for keychains. super cute!!!! I just bought some of the shrinky dink stuff I can't wait to use it:) Your husband is going to love the keychains. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

scrapstampcrazy said...

The keychains are cute. I saw your question on my blog regarding my shrink art pins. They were printed in color from a clip art CD that I purchased from Darcie Heater designs.

Unknown said...

Totally cute :)

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