Friday, January 6, 2012

Rushing around all day

Today I thought I was going to get a lot done.  but I drop the kids off at school then I go to Walmart to check on these toys called Skylanders which are really awesome and they work with Skylanders video game you get this portal and you can switch the skylander characters as you progress in the video game but the clincher is there are 32 of these little action figures and of course it happened to be on the hot toy list of the season so now I'm rushing around and calling to find these characters. anyway, no such luck at Walmart, or Gamestop or Best buy or Target.  I mean these little buggers are sold out everywhere.  so that was my morning I did happen to snag 2 that we don't have.  "whew" I'm already tired lol.  but truth be told I love the hunt, that's why I have lot's and lot's of beanie babies which are now not worth anything lol.  kept saying when I got married that I would pass them on to my little girls but I now have two boys.  oh well they may come back into style.

How is every ones day going?  I'm going to work on my blog this weekend.  I'm still trying to decide to take the plunge and switch to wordpress on one hand blogger is just so easy to work then on the other hand I think wordpress just looks so much smoother and crisp and cleaner looking but I'm so afraid of losing my G+ followers or my networked blog, or GFC which I know that GFC is leaving in March.  I really worked hard for all my followers and now they are changing it up and adding G+ so anyone who wants to be in my circle come on over.  well all my blogger friends I have to go and get my kids from school.  please, if anyone has any advice on the blogger vs wordpress then I would love to hear your thoughts.



Unknown said...

Today i want to write but seems i can't, dunno why, i read your post and i felt like sometimes blogger doesnt also want to write.

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