Saturday, August 25, 2012

You've Got A Friend movie day!

In 1976, 12 year old BOBBY GRAHAM, a recent orphan, moves to Albuquerque to live with his aunt and uncle. Determined to follow in his late father's creative footsteps, Bobby defies his uncle and teams up with the town recluse, Vietnam Vet JIM KLECAN, to build a soap box racing car and compete in the derby

Hallmark has done it again for a really great family movie.  That teaches you that There's No Limit To Your Dreams!  I really liked this show, It is a charming film about family, friendship and determination.  Bobby Graham (McLaughlin) is a twelve yr old boy who recently lost his parents in a car accident so he goes to live with his Uncle and Aunt. He and his dad had a dream of building a soap box car.  His Uncle thinks he is wasting his time but Bobby is a boy who won't let his personal problems get in the way of his dreams.  Even with all the odds stacked against him.  Bobby remains determined to prove himself with his new found confidence.  It is a story that will take you on an exciting race all the way to the finish line.  Will Bobby win the derby? Watch it and find out.  

This is a movie for the whole family.  I think this movie is about fatherhood also since Bobby had lost his father and misses him so much. He really wants a father figure and when his uncle dashes his dreams. Bobby turns to the town recluse that was once a soap box derby champion.  Bobby wants his uncle to help him build a soap box car but when his uncle refuses he then feels like he has no choice but to lie and say he is staying after school to play baseball when in fact he is visiting the former soapbbox derby champion.  When his uncle finds out, he is not happy but with the help of his teacher from school his uncle realizes that he never gave Bobby a chance to be himself. Also teaches you not to judge others.   The story is really a heartwarming, that teaches you to believe in yourself and your dreams can come true.

(Disclaimer: I received a sample of the above mentioned for review purposes only and all opinions are 100% my own)


tm said...

We saw this and loved it!

Tammylyne said...

Great review! My daughter and I watched this together on a movie night and found it to be a very good and endearing movie

Crystal said...

I haven't seen this one yet. Sounds like a movie I will enjoy

Grace said...

Oh what a wonderful review and I'll try and find this so my grand kids and I can watch it together. thanks for sharing

Jai M. said...

nice review! I haven't seen this and, in fact, this is the first I've heard of it. Brings back memories of doing the soap box derby in boyscouts all those years ago.

Maria said...

Sounds like a good movie!

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