Saturday, January 12, 2013

Borax Review and Giveaway

I had a chance to review the 20 Mule Team Borax Detergent Booster as  a member of The Purex Insiders and I have to say it arrived at the perfect time - I was having trouble with my dishes due to hard water. In the past, we have had trouble getting our dishes clean on the top rack and our solution was to go out and buy a new dishwasher thinking that spending all that money on repairing it would probably be the cost of a new dishwasher imagine how thrilled I was to learn that you could use Borax in your dishwasher to get your dishes clean! I put some Borax in the bottom of my dishwasher and impatienly waited for the cycle to finish. I am greatly pleased to report that Borax performed wonderfully in my dishwasher and I would definitely recommend Borax to others that are having trouble getting dishes clean (and many other cleaning dilemmas).  It's a great solution.  And less expensive than buying a brand new dishwasher ;)

Borax has a lot of purposes.
  •  It's gentle enough to use on baby clothes
  • Great for removing laundry stains
  • Toilet bowls
  • Garbage disposals and drains
  • Delicates
  • Awesome for those hard water problems!
  • Carpets and rugs
  • And Yes, even the Dishwasher!
If you want to learn more about Borax check it out here

GIVEAWAY!! 3 lucky Mintas Creations readers will win their own box of Borax!
US only and no P.O boxes
 come and enter the Borax contest.
Disclaimer Borax provided a free sample of their product for an honest review but all opinions are 100% my own.


Mrs Nobody said...

It's gentle enough to use on baby clothes

tm said...

I learned that it is all natural! How cool!

Krystal said...

It can be used on dishwashers.

pruttybird said...

All the great ways you can use it :)

pruttybird at comcast dot net

Turning the Clock Back said...

I learned it is great to help around the house with natural cleaning!

Samantha said...

good for ant killer

Unknown said...

I learned that you can use it to make your own laundry detergent.
Entered the rafflecopter form as "Wild Orchid"
Thanks for the chance to win!

wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

Aneesa bint Lewis said...

I learned that Borax is a natural water softener!

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