Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Louisville Lego time

My kids are huge Lego fans so when Lego Fest tour came to Louisville KY I knew we had to go and check it out.
It was so much fun..I have to admit that at first when we got there it was really, really crowded but a few hrs later when a lot of the people left and there was still lots of things going on we really had a great time.
there was so much to do...Check out these awesome pictures.  I'am just so amazed at all the things that they can do will small plastic blocks called Legos.  Look at this Triceratops, isn't he just amazing?  

Ninja turtles, aren't they cool?
 Favorite character!  Gotta love SpongeBob

 Don't know too much about this character but he is certainly colorful!

 His favorite one is Jay 

 The Hobbit house

 Darth Vadar, Doesn't he look so evilly awesome?
 Gotta love Chewbaca 

 Watch out!! Darth Maul is behind you
Who doesn't like the Hulk?

For the girls

Everybody loves "Lightning McQueen" from The Cars
Creation Nation
 Gotta love our hero Indiana Jones!

Highlight photo
 Louisville Zoo brought animals attendees could pet.

Highlight photo
The Kentucky Science Center conducted impressed attendees with hands-on experiments.

Highlight photo
Big brick pile for kids to build

Lego Activity Areas: They had games and trivia and contests for the family to enjoy

Creation Nation: There were Lego creations of the map of the United States

Big Brick Pile: Piles and Piles of loose bricks to create with your imagination

Lego Building Areas............................................
Race ramps: Kids race cars down a ramp
Lego Friends: For all the little girls
Monocromatic group buiders: Legos of one color for build

Lego Retail Store: Where you could buy any kind of Legos you could think of or at least the most popular ones.

Lego Marketplace: Where you could buy T-shirts and memorbilia 

(Disclaimer) I want to thank the Lego company for providing my family free lego tickets in exchange for an honest review.


Unknown said...

Looks like a fun place.Great review.

Kimberly M. said...

OMG my grandsons favorite toys--Legos! They would love to be there.

crystal45614 said...

Looks very interesting. My 3.5 loves to build and played with legos at a friends house, would reallithium all the characters and figurines. I'm going to check it out as well. Thanks!

crazyapes said...

Very impressive all the things they could do with "small plastic blocks called Legos." and what joy it brings to everyone's faces young and old ;)

tm said...

Awe, your son looks like he had a blast! My son would absolutely love this, especially the exhibit with Sponge Bob. This is kind of funny... for Christmas, he wanted Sponge Bob Legos. I made him one and it looked funny because I am not an expert Lego builder, but he loved it. He was so happy. I have lots of photos. I would love to go to this so that he could see the big Sponge Bob made from Legos!

Cole said...

I love lego indie's facial hair lol

Unknown said...

Holy cow, look at that huge pile of Legos! Better watch your feet there, LOL! This looks like so much fun. It must have taken hours and hours to build those Lego statues.

Robyn H. said...

wow! looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing so many awesome pictures :) My brother and daughter would absolutely love to attend this. Who am I kidding :) I want to go!

Anne Nicks said...

This looks awesome!!! I bet he really enjoyed it!

Samantha said...

that looks like fun :)

Kimberly Emerson said...

I've seen pictures of this place! I'm 42, may I still go there and have fun? I promise, mostly, I won't push the children out of my way if they're interrupting my fun. :D

Andrea H said...

WOW!! Those are quite the lego figures! My son visits this small exhibit at the county fair every year. Would love to have this come to our city!

Unknown said...

Holy cow! That looks amazing! I wanna go! You could get lost in that huge pile for hours and hours!

sweepinmomma123 said...

Wow, now that is amazing! My son would totally love this. He loves legos!!

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