Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pill Terminator review and Amazon gc

Disclaimer- I received a sample for an honest review all opinions are 100% my own!

The Sponsor will send your Pill Terminator but I will send the gift card!  USA only!
Finally - a safe and easy way to eliminate old pills -  it's called the Pill Terminator!  Up until now there has not been  a safe or eco friendly way to eliminate your old pills.  Flushing down the toilet is not safe you are exposing dangers medications to the waters that lead to lakes or rivers and not to mention our drinking water supply. Throwing them in the trash - well that is not safe either.

  • Easy, safe pill disposal solution
  • Dispose of expired prescription medicines                              
  • Child safe in-home medication removal
  • Household, clinic and hospital applications
  • Environmentally responsible solution to pill disposal
The Pill Terminator is a safe, easy, and affordable way of eliminating unwanted, unused prescription drugs.
I was so excited when I had a chance to review the Pill Terminator because, like all moms, we have a lot of pills stored away in our medicine cabinets that have expired and can't be used anymore but we don't know what to do with them - so they may sit in our med cabinet for years.  
You can check out Pill Terminator site to find out more information right now they are offering 15% off for Minta's Creations readers if anyone wants to order one. Just use dalton for code all lower case and it expires on June 30, 2014

Look at all the pills I had that had expired!

This is what the Pill Terminator looks like on the inside

This is what it looked like with all the pills added!
I was amazed at how many expired pills lying around and I do have to tell you I love the Pill Terminator - it was so easy to use!!  And I feel great knowing it's safe and easy way to dispose of the pills and still help protect the environment.
One of Mintas Creations readers will win one of their own Pill Terminator!

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Unknown said...

my father in law who takes a bunch of pills daily!

Vickie said...

My mother takes a lot of pills and often has prescriptions changed so she could use this.

Sandy N said...

my husband

denise226 said...

my daughter is autistic so i would keep this for us to get rid of her old pills denise smith

Missy said...

I would love this for myself!! I have a whole medicine cabinet full of meds that need disposed of, then after I was done using it I would take it over to my Dad, he and I both are Cancer survivors and I know he has a huge load of meds too! Thanks :)

Unknown said...

A pill head I know. Thank you, Jerri Davis

Kimberly M. said...

I want it for myself. I take a lot of meds but when they were first experimenting on which one would work best I have alot of them left over. It would be nice to get rid of them safely.

Mrs Nobody said...

I would use it for me. Sometimes they change my medication and then I have left over pills.

Megomania said...

For my Aunt! LOL! You have no idea how badly she needs this! (Meg Tucker)

Christine Carpenter said...

I have actually used these before and would love to win this one for my mom. She has a LOT of grandkids, and many are 4 and under. Being a nurse, she would appreciate having a safe way to dispose of her expired or unused medications.

Danielle said...

I would use it for my grandparents - they take all sorts of pills :) Thanks so much, I love this idea.

jmay said...


Barbara Montag said...

I'd like this for myself.
thank you

steve weber said...

my dad, but I would keep the amazon gc :)

Linda Kish said...

I have some old pills to dispose of.

Across the Avenue said...

I've never heard of this before...genius. I'd love to give this to my sister since she has little ones around.

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