Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Become.com review

My Become.com review!

Become.com is a shopping search engine that also finds comparison deals. They even have a coupon section which I Love.

First I searched for caster dining chairs and I have to say there are some beautiful dining chairs on this site. I loved these chairs at this site called HayNeedle.

Next I searched for dining chairs with caster loved this pastel dining chair set. very pretty and elegant.

Finally I searched for a cat wall clock thought it would make a fun gift for my mom I really liked the one that looked like a fishbowl with the cat overtop of it and there was a fish in the clock too, very fun.

After researching and checking out Become.com I would definitely recommend this site, I have never shopped at Become.com

I'am being compensated to provide a weitten review of their website and and all opinions are 100% my own


JamericanSpice said...

It is always interesting to learn about new sites to help life.
Thanks for sharing.

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