Sunday, April 1, 2012

My trip to Lego Fest

My kids are huge Lego fans so when Lego Fest tour came to Cincinnati I knew we had to go and check it out.
It was so much fun..I have to admit that at first when we got there it was really, really crowded but a few hrs later when a lot of the people left and there was still lots of things going on we really had a great time.
there was so much to do...

Lego club & Master builder Accadamy: Kids learn new building skills from a Lego Master builder that will make them better builders  

Lego Activity Areas: They had games and trivia and contests for the family to enjoy

Creation Nation: There were Lego creations of the map of the United States

Big Brick Pile: Piles and Piles of loose bricks to create with your imagination

Lego Building Areas............................................

  Duplo Legos: For the younger children to explore and create with
  Lego Construction Zone: For children 5 and up

Race ramps: Kids race cars down a ramp
Lego games: Minotaurus, creationary, and Ninjago
Lego Friends: For all the little girls
Lego Ninjago workshops: For all your ninja fans

Monocromatic group buiders: Legos of one color for build

Lego Retail Store: Where you could buy any kind of Legos you could think of or at least the most popular ones.

Lego Marketplace: Where you could buy T-shirts and memorbilia 

Face painting:  

So much more.....

Take a look at these incredible Lego pictures..

And now here is downtown Cincinnati Fountain Square.

(disclaimer, I received tickets for me and my family from Lego Kids Fest  for review purposes only) all opinions are 100% my own.


none said...

I want to go to Lego Kids Fest!

Pam said...

What a fun event! I want to go to Lego Kids Fest too.

Grace said...

What a great event. My grandson loves legos so he would have loved this.

Trudy said...

I've never seen this come to my city. It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for visiting from Pitch it to me.

Actingbalanced said...

Wow! That looks spectacular! My daughter would love to attend something like that!

Tori said...

Wow looks like such a fun adventure!!!

Colette S said...

I bet you guys had lots of fun! Wow. I LOVE the photos. I'll have to show D these.

I hope they come here so I can take the kids!

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