Thursday, December 12, 2013 Gift Guide: Tons of Fun With Disney Infinity Video Game Starter Set! {Giveaway}

Check out this major Disney Infinity here

Disney Infinity Game

Disney Infinity Starter Set and Figures

Disney Infinty Toy Box- Cars characters racing with Vanellope, Wreck it Ralph

Disney Infinity is a virtual playground, combining your favorite Disney characters as physical toys with the virtual game world on screen. It uses collectible figurines, including characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Studios, transporting them into the game, allowing Lightning McQueen from Cars and Mike Wazowski from Monsters University to take on an adventure together!
The game comes with the Disney Infinity base and a starter pack of figurines. Each figurine has a flat disc on the bottom, which fits into a spot on the Infinity base. Once it connects, it places the character into the game on screen. Character figures include those from The Incredibles, Monsters University, Cars, Pirates of The Caribbean, and more to come.
 My son has bee wanting this set like crazy!! Check out the animations they are bright and beautiful and it even makes me want to get involved and play this game with my son! I could just see Christmas day all cold and hopefully snowy and we are all playing this game..I love Disney and I'm a mom you are never too old for Disney and the characters!! I'm a big Mickey fan myself and my son loves Captain Jack Sparrow in this game and Davy Jones.  Check out this major giveaway Here


Corrine said...

infinity looks so cool i totally want to buy this but i only have a ps2 :(

Harley Rowe said...

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